Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Superficiality and Hypocrisy


To continue the theme that I started previously. We live in a superficial world. And we certainly arent the better for it. Of course, we can always succeed if we hold the same superficial values of the world.

We must:

Look good = cosmetic surgery and designer clothes

Be successful and Rich = Forbes top 100 list

Be smart = Ivy league degree

Be talented = sports superstar etc

All this is good and can all now be achieved artificially if not god given. But for those unfortunate ones who arent the perfect superficial person, is even mildly imperfect, of the wrong race, or is disfigured in some way, or is mentally disabled.......the above give a prerogative for them to be despised.

The fortunate are not the beautiful or rich or talented. They are only fortunate that they have the world's adoration. But what is the point of that? For each person in the world is as stupid as the next.

No, the intelligent person is the person who can see deeper. To him, its all a facade. But how to hold such beliefs in a world where everyone believes otherwise? For we need the world's love. This is what we live for, I suppose. So in a way, we sustain the superficiality by feeding it with our neediness. And our delight for certain things, that look nice, smell nice, feel nice....

No one likes a smelly beggar in a slum. They pity him, but no one wants to be him.

Let me tell you how deep this vein runs. I have fallen in love many times with imperfect people. I love them, but I've never said to myself I would like to be them. Why not? Not because I don't think they're perfect, they are, to me. I wouldn't change a hair on them. I love all their imperfections. But I know not everyone can see that. Because as a society we set standards, and no matter how we try not too, we always care what the majority thinks. We need the vindication.

We can't trust ourselves. Ever. If its one against the world, the world always wins. We have our own opinions, but we succumb to society's, simply because we are overpowered my numbers.

A stupid majority overrules a smart minority. So we'd prefer to be the person that personally you despise but everyone adores. The beautiful and egotistical. The horrid megalomaniac. The charming narcissist. There's one in all of us. But theres no need to see these as the good parts of our characters. We're complex beings. We all have an ego that likes to be acknowledged but we also all have an ego-less side. So why does society glorify all the negative parts?

Why is it cool to be egotistical? To sneer at the poor, middle-class, ignorant?

A person is fortunate if they like themselves. I could be the perfect person, but if I hate myself, what's the use?

If I like myself, and the world likes me, then I'm set right? So sometimes it is good to be a narcissist!

Yes, but we have to please one more character here. The all-knowing God. For the 6 billion people in the world are pretty much nothing when it comes to God.

So believe that God doesnt exist. Then the narcissist is universally adored!
Yes, but then the narcissist will ask himself why he isnt God. Why he's not actually perfect! Why he cant change water into wine. Why he needs science and art and all these damn electronics and still cant figure out what the point of life is. And why he constantly falls in love with the imperfect person.

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